Saturday, March 19, 2005

Article Review 8

This week's article is at

It is about blogging becoming a money making tool for the bloggers. From the article, I even realised about an amazing person called Matt Drudge, whose blog earns him about 1.2 million dollars a year. His blog can be viewed at

Haha.. but don't think that all bloggers can become rich. Drudge is just one of a kind. You need a lot of talent to capture attention and at the same time have a huge dose of luck I think. As for the rest of the bloggers, the 1st article I mentioned talks about bloggers uniting so that they can have more benefit and earn some little pocket money instead. Aggregation is what it's all about.

Week 10 Summary

This week, we had a look at the web site presentations by most of the other teams. VERY impressed with the standard of the websites being shown.. I'm also proud of the website my team made despite the very little knowledge we have doing it. Oh well, there are always good friends who are willing to give a tip or 2.

We went on to talk about e-commerce security. How to protect your information from espionage or internal threats. More specifically, we focused on computer viruses and worms as they have the potential to spread virulently and cause millions of dollars of damage. And since many devices use the same platform (ie. Microsoft Windows), the same virus can cause damages on multiple devices. That is where we have to take note and try to prevent.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Article Review 7

This is an article about Yahoo launching a studio to produce mobile gaming. The article can be viewed at
Video games will be developed for the smart phone and other devices. I forsee that Yahoo will immediately be a strong competitor because of its strong brand name and all its online services available will be complements to its product. Hence, other competitors will have to take note about incoming Yahoo!

Week 8 Summary

In this week, we learnt about the different mobile terminals, the advantages and disadvantages of them. Mobile Terminlas include pager and PDAs (both of which are getting obsolete), cell phones, and laptops etc. We also discussed about the new technology that will make disrupt these mobile terminals or keep them going.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Article Review 6

The death of Internet Explorer?

This article is about the Mozilla Firefox reaching 25 million subscribers since its release in November last year. Will this signal that the majority of people will use firefox in the future? Its hard to say though. 25 million may seem a lot but is only a small percentage of the entire population using the internet. There will be people who are so stubborn that they will refuse to change their internet navigator. There may also be websites where using the firefox will cause a problem. For instance, I myself cannot log on to Edventure when using firefox at home, only using Explorer will I avoid problems. However it must be noted that a lot of bugs that resulted when using IE will not appear when using firefox. Thus, I will be a advocate of the firefox as well. Everyone reading, I encourage you to change to Firefox asap, but do keep your IE for backup.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Article Review 5

This story is about companies being able to check on users of file sharing programs such as E-donkey and bit torrent. File sharers can no longer hide. Essentially, they will have to find new ways to share files.

Its a war between the file sharing software developers and the companies whose intellectual properties are being threatened.. Who will win in the end? Most likely the companies will win in the end as they have the support of the governments. But it is an interesting contest going around at the moment.. Then there was Napster, it closed down and better "technology" like bit torrent came about.. really wondering what will be next??

Seminar 4 & 5 Summary

Seminar 4 was more interesting. Managed to see all the flash done by the other groups. Considering most of the groups had absolutely zilch experience in doing flash, I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the flash shown. Looks like my group did not work hard enough.. Some flash were paticularly impressive.. makes me want to learn much more about flash so that i can achieve the same standard too.. wondering whether i should learn flash during the semester break..

Seminar 5 went off with a bang.. got a pop quiz at the start of the lesson.. oh well.. juz realised that i knew nothing about e-commerce.. will have to work hard to catch up.. got another assignment coming up too.. haven read thru it yet... but i hope it is one that would not ruin my CNY celebrations haha..

Monday, January 31, 2005

Article Review 4

The article can be obtained at It is about authors of a study saying they expect mobile multimedia services to generate an increase in monthly incremental spending of between 11 percent and 26 percent for individual services, depending on the service.

This shows that the barrier to adopting such services has been removed gradually. More people are willing to use such services now. Businesses will be more eager to create services for the mobile phone. The ease of use will allow consumers to pick up the new stuff more easily.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Seminar 3 Summary

What did I learn during Seminar 3. Oh, I learnt how to do selling on the web: Revenue Models and Building a Web Presence. And also, how to do marketing on the Web. Thats so much stuff learnt in one afternoon..

Ok, that was a lie. The session went very badly for me. I could not absorb what was going on during the seminar. The lecture during the lab is a bad idea.. We seem to be so far from the prof, cannot absorb what he is saying most of the time.

Our group did not even have a concrete idea on how to get started on our project. The flash will be a problem definitely, I cannot even do powerpoint or excel properly. Will need some divine intervention to do it.

Was quite enthusiastic when taking up this course.. But hell no!! 9 modules a semester is no joke.

Depression! help!!

Article Review 3

This is getting so standard, time-consuming and boring..

The article can be gotten from It is about internet branding and technology marketing. Ninety-nine percent of the Web sites today are almost too old to be fixed, too far off the targets and unfit for the road. Most require a brand new approach under the brand new rules of Internet branding and must address the current needs under e-commerce protocols offering true access to your products, services and corporate management.

In short, it discusses about branding strategies for web pages. The strategy will have to be different from normal print media advertisements. Well, it is a pretty good article to write about, but unfortunately there is not enough time for me to write a good review for it..

May come back to update it if I have time. Still figuring out how to use flash within the next 2 hours and complete a 5 min one by the next afternoon.. And i going to flunk my class tests and abandon my other tutorials in the process..

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Seminar 2 Summary

Seminar 2 was held in the lab.. A lot of computer lingo was used.. Some I knew, but mostly i realised that i knew so little about the internet.. I was lucky that one of my group mates knew how to use html, easy to learn but difficult to master.. BUT NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO USE FLASH!! HELP!! Wonder whether there is any learn flash in half an hour website haha.. Html, Xhtml.. still really not sure how to differentiate.. I cannot see the advantages of Xtml also.

Article Review 2

The article can be obtained from

It is essentially talking about e-mail etiquette and how it makes a difference in doing business.

E-mail is a very different way to communicate altoghether. I think that e-mail has to be clear cut and precise as people will not be able to focus their attention that long on a computer screen. You can still beat about the bush when you meet your customer face to face but it is very difficult to attract attention for your product if you are promoting it via email after the first 10 seconds. Therefore the e-mail has to be very attractive, especially when you consider how many e-mails your customers have to read a day. They might just think its a spam.

Thus e-mailing may seem difficult to be a success but the costs are relatively low and the potential of the number of customers reading it is tremendous. Hence it is definitely worth a try.